About Us

Welcome to d-rant.com, the premier place to vent online anonymously.
Established in 2010, D-rant.com has been one of the better places to just rant or vent online.
Owned and operated by OGHN Group, LLC, this small operation runs in a bedroom in New Jersey.

The vision is to provide a safe community to allow those who wish to just, simply rant! I created d-rant.com during one of my classes in college with the idea to provide a place for users to post what they want without having to be judged (i.e. on social media). Use this place as a safe haven for your rants and vents about whatever you wish!

Talk about anything you want. You can even just smash your hands onto your keyboard to output gibberish. It’s cool, we’ve all been there and we’ve all needed a place to just write down what we’re feeling.

We’re all here to support each other, and we ask our users to please keep it as clean as possible.
Anything we deem inappropriate will be removed without notice (excessive cursing, racist remarks, people’s names etc.)

Keep your rants or vents appropriate, but please do let it all out. There’s nothing like a good rant done anonymously. Be truthful as well. Nobody likes a liar..especially here.

Remember, if you want to be anonymous, just simply use a username no one will recognize you!