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I love cats, cheese puffs, editing articles, ranting, arguing about things I'm passionate about, photography, Dan and Phil, books, flowers, photogenic animals, Bacon and Cheddar cheez-its, bruschetta, glazed ham, Fun Dip, concert band, the Ohio State University marching band, Nike, soccer, rainy days, board games, XL sweatshirts (I'm a medium), Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie, the Bryan ship, being called trash, The Gabbie Show, Voltron, Super Mario Bros, frogs, traveling, catching lizards and geckos, drawstring bags, antique maps, sleeping, laying in bed, 13 Reasons Why, swearing at teachers, proving teachers and staff wrong, aesthetic Instagram feeds, people who work hard and make their profession look effortless, spending time at animal shelters, shadowing vets, cooking and eating what I cook, smelling cute guys as they walk by, reading LGBT articles, learning how to use GIMP...

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