• A Smith

    That last part sound extremely painful but also how….. and then really wow you really don’t like your anus. All kidding aside. Coming from a lifer, in depression, there will be worse things happen to you but also really wonderful things too. The key is to just let it flow over you. I can’t tell you how you do that for you but for me its just willingly excepting it for what it is and moving on.

    • Vann

      I agree. Sometimes its good to just take a step back. Acknowledge that you are trying your best and be proud that you put in effort in that class. I, for one, had a really hard semester: I was at a 66% and suffered a lot. Try to forgive yourself because your mental health is WAY more important than some number. I did it and I don’t even think twice about the points where my semester went wrong. just that I really tried and that is was matters most. <3

      • haleigh🌻

        you’re 100% correct my dude, i let school overwhelm me way too often. i passed my final (thank fuck) and i’m feeling tons better. im sorry that your semester was really tough, mine honestly was too. But that is in the past, here’s to our next semester after our well deserved summer break holy shit we made it out alive 🙂

    • haleigh🌻

      i completely over thought my abilities and i actually ended up passing my final and finished with a 75%. i kinda just had to step back and let things happen like they were supposed to, i couldnt control it. But thank you for this comment, you seem like such a genuine person 🙂