• nedlyo

    First of all im glad your suicidal…sounds like teen depression….it happens to adults when dreams are broken or not reached ,a thought is go to the shore and sit….sit and stop thinking and just listen….its loud and you really cant hear anything except the ocean..ever tried to yell at someone on the beach??? its tough….but once your relaxed you get in the rythem of the ocean…and your mind will slow down…Its very hard these days to just stop thinking??everything is moving so fast and you always feel you have to keep up with it….Well you dont..When we were 10 …did you really care about alot…well yes my lunch and recess…but it was no pressure .My thought is to try and find a relief valve for your mind …Not Drugs..but go back to a day in your life and find something…anything that made you smile….and try and concentrate on that for just a minute….and see if your mouth doesnt crack a smile

    • mrk

      thank you, i will try this