• trymebch

    holy shit i’ve never related more to your post. i have three friends who are being complete assholes to me and i can’t fucking handle it anymore. they have lied to me so many times and talk so much shit behind my back. they for some reason completely uninvited us from hanging with a certain group of guys that they are obsessed with even though we met them at the same time and i don’t see why they picked me and my other friends to randomly kick out. fuck you bitches. i saw some of their texts with those guys and they came up with these fucking nick names for me and one of my other friends. like wow so mature. a fucking nick name are you serious! fuck you cunts i’m not stupid i’m not gonna act like this doesn’t bother me or hurt my feelings anymore bc it’s gotten so bad. fml ugh i fucking hate these girls who i thought were my friends all these years.