• turkey

    its okay to feel this way, ive been there. There is such thing as having a soulmate in a platonic way. As a friend. you should know, you can love someone as a friend in a very intimate way. I often find myself confused by being in love, and loving someone, because they are very similar, but very different as well. Perhaps you love him as a friend, and are mistaking it as in love? I certainly have made that mistake. If not, if worst comes to worst, the feelings will pass. you’d be amazed at what you can get over.

  • Savannah

    Sweet heart I am head over heels in love with my gay best friend. I send ever minute of my life with him. I know how you feel. Its hard and you know you can’t have him but he is sitting right there. Just don’t get too attached. Because you will end up like me. Not wanting any guy but him and hoping one day he might change his mind…