• redheadhot

    i want to fck a skinny cute young guy i seen a hotty by the beach looking at my fat old momma body and wanted have him right there.

  • Wraith

    I myself is skinny… but im tooo skinny… It’s hard being bullied because in toooooo thin, but I try hard to live for the people who support in me and believe in me. I know this shit won’t help but, “Don’t look at the negative side look at the positive side the storm will stop” that’s what I say to myself everytime I cry because of them…. ^_^
    try telling your self that… maybe.. hehehe
    I won’t force you tho cause i don’t know whats its like to be in your shoes

  • Black Satin

    Okiedokie… see this is what happens when Amerikans go full retard… Holy hell, what has happened to the world?