• Jon Doe

    Go for it. This is the boy you like and now have your opportunity to make it into a relationship. Just don’t do anything you will regret but if you believe right now that this boy is what you want then there should be nothing stopping you. Just make sure that the connection is mutual and not just going one way

  • banana

    Honestly, in my eyes, this guy is a little iffy. He had a girlfriend but he confessed his feelings to you in the midst of a relationship? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Jon Doe. If you really like this guy, you go for it! All I’m saying is that you should be careful; if he truly had great feelings for you, he would’ve considered ending the relationship to be with you. It sounds to me that he’s just looking to be in a relationship, and if he had no problem sharing his feelings with another girl, would he do it again with you?

    However, I don’t know the situation as clearly as you do, so if you want to take this opportunity I say you follow your feelings. I hope all goes well for you!