• Apathetic_San

    You decide what you make of your day. No matter how bad or good it seems, you decide how you want to take that experiencing moment. It’s weird really, as you read this, you think to yourself how I have no idea, or I don’t understand because I’m not you. But the funny thing is I am you, because we are all the same. We all have this mush of a brain, helping us stream the never ending information of existence.
    Experience yourself, experience your surroundings. Everything you see and feel, hear and smell. This is all a magical experience.
    You are you at every moment of you’re existence. Like a flower, always growing, stretching and searching for the sunlight, guiding it’s way through the shadows of others.
    Decide who you want to become, and everyday when you wake up from your 8hr nap, realize and experience what you want to experience. Life is beauty.

    • yk

      I don’t know who you are but I appreciate every word you typed. Thank you so much and God bless <3