• LadyBug296

    Dude… That was a lot. First- Don’t let people and their stupid nicknames get to you. Making fun of someone for their family heritage is wrong (welcome to America, apparently it’s the specialty here)- BUT if people want to label you as Irish and give you unimaginative nicknames, just play along with it. Whenever they say that sort of stuff just say something stereotypical of an Irish person (with the accent) and they might just think you’re funny and you’ll get a few laughs. If people are making fun of you it’s because they want to see your reaction and they’re hoping you get mad. So don’t. I know everything seems super terrible and I’m very sad to see you mention that you’ve attempted suicide, but it sounds to me like you’re almost through the worst of it- you said you’re done this month? That’s good! Just keep trucking through these last few weeks. I don’t know you, but just from reading your rant you seem like you’ve got some spunk and you made me chuckle a bit- You’ve got a good sense of humor, kid. Don’t give up on that. There are people who would miss you.