• Amy

    I came here to say the same myself but one thing I always notice about myself is that I feel so much more purpose helping someone else. Recently split up with my boyfriend of 5 years because I was unhappy for no reason and I’m about to fail the first year of university for the second time. I saw your message and there is clearly still a little bit left of the old me where I’m human and compassionate. Hold on.

  • Elise

    There was a man on a roof. He was planning on jumping. Another man came up on the roof and just sat there. The jumping man told the dude to F-off. The other man didn’t leave.

    When the jumping man stood up, ready to jump, the silent man began talking.

    “I’ve been in your shoes before. I really do understand. But, It’ll get better. I promise you.” The man said.

    the jumping man sat down and said, “No, It won’t. I have no family left. I was fired from my job and I’m broke. I always mess up everything. There is no reason for me to be here. The world doesn’t need me” He had begun to cry.

    “Don’t you have any dreams? Isn’t there any place in the world you like to see? Don’t you want to fall in love, have children? Be happy?” the man said. “As people, we stumble. We lose our path, but it doesn’t mean we’re lost forever.

    “I wouldn’t take getting fired as a set back. I’d see it as an advancement. Find a part time job somewhere. Find multiple jobs if you need. Take this as a sign. Find something you love doing. Go back to school. Do something.

    “Not everything is going to be easy. Life is just like a road trip. Some of the roads you take are bumpy. Some of them are short and some of them are long. But, eventually, you get to a nice road, a smooth road. And everything will be alright again.

    “You just need to wait, you just need to keep going, hold on a little longer until you get to your smooth road.”

    I take these words to heart everyday. There are days where I think about dying. But I have goals in life. I want to become something. I want to go to Europe. I want to get a tattoo. I want to fall in love. I can’t do any of this if I’m dead.

    Even if you mess up a lot, like that man said, sometimes the bumpy roads are long, you just need to wait and you’ll get to a smooth road eventually.

    Please don’t kill yourself.