• Tiana

    I definitely get where your coming from there. I love music myself and try listening to it when I’m upset or having some issue with anxiety. What I’m not getting is why you asked her to be quiet and not just walk away? Granted things are different after the fact. As to why she went through your stuff on your phone it might be because she’s trying to make sure your not gonna go off and hurt yourself or someone else. My mom was a total control freaks when I was a kid so I understand where they say you choose to be this or that and they don’t get that there are some things we can’t control. I’ve been clinically depressed for years and she said I have to make myself happy….But yells when I try so trust me I do get it. I’m sorry for all the issues between you both but remember one thing out of this…She may be a bitch to you now but later on she’ll be OK again and she will just be mom.

  • Bia Bia

    I’m willing to bet that you made her breakfast with a lot of huff and puff, and I seriously doubt that you asked your mom to be quiet nicely. I’m willing to bet your in your teens and think that your right about everything and that she and the rest of the world owes you something. I used to strongly dislike my parents, but that was before I found out how much of an ass I was when I was a teen.

  • Spam

    Mom’s have every right to go through your phone. And making her breakfast teaches appreciation and respect