• Failingeverywhere

    Oh, man. I understand EXACTLY how you feel. Nowadays, it seems like the only way anyone can get a job s by knowing a guy who knows a guy. It sucks! It’s like skill, talent, and hard work don’t even matter anymore.

  • Black Satin

    Let me weigh in here… All of the good positions are reserved for the MOST INTELLIGENT. It may matter who you know for menial positions… but for jobs that matter… You have to know HOW EVERYTHING WORKS. I don’t know anyone…. In fact, I am a schizophrenic. I avoid contact with almost all people, yet I am the SEO of one of the largest gardening companies in the US. I don’t have a degree. I didn’t get any special training. I knew what I wanted and I knew how to present myself. MOST IMPORTANTLY… I knew my shit… Yes, I did teach courses at a local University… But it was because I wanted to… and I could. You never know what you can achieve unless you grab life by the goddamn nutsack and take what’s yours. Learn how the human subconscious works. Learn what makes people tick. Learn how to manipulate sentence structure, and theory. Learn How life REALLY works, and not how you are taught that it works. Make yourself worth what you want to be worth. Make sure what you know is in demand, and make yourself important. Hard work doesn’t matter if 70 other motherfuckers applying for the same position can do exactly as you can. MAKE YOURSELF IMPORTANT. If there is something new being applied at your job, be the first to learn how it works, and be the best at operating it. MAKE YOURSELF IMPORTANT!!!! I was just like you… I didn’t get it. I thought it was pointless.. (it is, but not for the reason you think) If you are the only one that is qualified for a position, then who is your competition? If you are standing in line at McDonald’s with 100 other people that can do better or as well as you… Who is your competition? You see what I’m saying? Take this, and go apply it. I’m not saying get a formal eduction… although there is nothing wrong with a good education… I’m saying make yourself in high demand. Good luck!!!