• SnappyTurtle

    I’m glad to see that there is someone else in this world who agrees with me. I completely agree with you. To me it seems like we need to focus on hard evidence and that is that races are honestly just different. That’s what evolution is. Anyways, I really would hate to see you go. As a total and complete stranger I want to let you know that it would be a shame for someone to end their life because they’re in a down time in their life. In our society, especially in the “most stressed generation yet,” we probably have many more low times in our lives… And honestly I’ve been down plenty of times. I think it’s really a person who decides if they are happy or not. You can do shit in school. 60 years ago, it would’ve been weird for people to be in college, maybe like 1/10 people would go. It’s gonna be okay, so many people in our generation, the past generations, and most definitely the future generations will have simply not done well in school. But that does not determine who you are and who you will be. Hundreds of famous people dropped out of high school. EVEN KANYE WEST! THE Kanye dropped out and look at him. He’s self absorbed and living a happy, rich, and egotistical life. Indulge in yourself if it makes you happy. Do want you want. Listen to music that makes you smile and find people who want to make you happy. If you ever feel down I just hope that you try and pick yourself back up again. It’s not shameless. Sometimes I google inspirational quotes or how I’m feeling and there’s always others who agree with me. Tough times don’t last. But people do.