• Vann

    The same thing happened to me with one of my close friends like not even 2 months ago… I’m going to tell it to you straight, ok? She told me Whenever she becomes close with friends, she tends to isolate them/push them away. In case you don’t know, I just want to tell you that this situation is not because of you. During this time, I also observed for a month just to make sure I wasn’t seeing anything: that it wasn’t in my head that the distance between us was growing. I let her be, but still was close enough to make sure she was ok (e.g. having conversations next to her but not talking/sitting at a different table in the same room). It was only after sometime when she realized that she missed me and came back. Sometimes that’s just what you gotta do. If you do this, then please make sure you are watching your friend. The situation is often more complicated on the inside than the outside. <3