• zollo

    saaaaaame, especially with his stances on abortion and birth control and like you said its only been four days smh

  • Matt Hura

    Quit crying you bunch of liberal babies…… It’s gonna be nice to see someone clean up all the trash that has been allowed to crash our borders and strain our economy…. Abolish welfare while you’re at it Mr. President!

  • Bia Bia

    Oh my G… Seriously ? You really think a fucking wall is going to make a difference? Do you really think a wall is going to stop planes? Do you really think that all immigrants from our southern borders are going to be stopped by a wall? Can’t build a wall that high moron. Sorry both candidates were turds- at least Donald didn’t actually stand by, stick his head in the sand like Hillary and let American’s be killed. You wanted THAT to be your next president? Good luck at life kid.

  • Maddy

    Oh. My. GOODNESS. First of all, I am part American Indian, most of my family lives in North Dakota, and I have no problem with the DAPL. Do you know why? Because it poses no environmental threat! Everyone is getting their panties in a wad over a stupid little thing. The Native Americans whose land is part of Standing Rock aren’t against it. Besides, almost all of it is built, so why are we not going to finish it? It would cost so much more money to teqr it up. Also, it provides much cheaper gasoline accessibility throughout the country and reduces shipping.

    Second, Barack Obama did NOTHING in terms of healthcare. He made it infinitely worse for those who had good healthcare plans by forcing them into Obamacare, which is not effective at all.

    Third, a wall won’t “tear apart families.” It’ll (hopefully) discourage illegal immigrants, which is what we need, what with them messing up our economy. If they’re worried about their families being torn apart, they can apply for citizenship and actually become a LEGAL citizen of the United States of America, and then they won’t have to worry about a fricking wall. Think about the facts and what is ACTUALLY happening.