• Brandon

    Yup, life sucks. It really sucks and you wish you didn’t have to deal with that. For your dad, I don’t know the circumstances. You can decide whether or not you want to forgive him, that’s completely up to you. For your friend, I imagine this person is rather significant to you. I’m assuming you’ve tried to contact her about why she’s stopped talking to you. If it’s for a stupid reason, call her on her bullshit and decide whether you want to continue talking to this person. For your girlfriend, you wouldn’t be jealous if you didn’t have feelings for her. That breakup sucked and while I still don’t know the circumstances, the best thing to do is realize there are many girls/guys out there who are willing to date you. Out of the 7+ billion people on Earth, hopefully you can see that there is still opportunity to rekindle that love with someone else. For your suicidal friends, the best thing to do is get someone (favorably professionals) to help them. Most of the time, they can’t do it alone. If it’s an emergency, call 911 and bring them to the Emergency Room. They’ll thank you later, and even if they don’t, they most likely will later in life. To clarify, you can choose whether or not to get tangled within their lives. It’s more responsibility (for you) to worry about their problems, and to be honest, I think you need to worry about yourself. There will always be tragedy in the world, so we don’t ignore it: we acknowledge what we can do and what we can’t. As for your mother kicking you out of the house, try to find a friend or another relative to move in with. It will be a difficult process, but I’m assuming your mother is taking a very stern approach to this move. In other words I’m saying it’s inevitable, but again, I don’t know the circumstances.