• RitzyTextbook

    I myself have honestly never had an group project that went well. Personally, I think teachers that do assign these types of assignments are dare devils. I mean, what do they really expect when they put us in these randomly assigned groups? But in your case, I think the issue might have been more your friends and YOU then luck of the draw. Now don’t leave me here just to go get your pitchforks, let me finish. See what your friends needed was a good hard smack in the face. Figuratively although you’re welcome to do it literally. Say to them and actually key word here, TELL them how much this means to you. And if you already did that, then here’s where that smack comes in. They may be your friends but in the realm of education, they’re essentially dead weights. For now. How you make them valuable depends on how you approach it. Ignore them and they forever remain the idiotic sandbags they are. Tell them they’re sandbags, you might be on the verge of an civil war between you and your friends. Do it in an diplomatic way. If you’re going to threaten them, sprinkle it lightly as if it’s cheddar cheese on a hot dog and you’re lactose intolerant. In words of Nike, just do it. Do something.

    I know this most definitely was just a rhetorical rant. In other words, you’ve got your sh*t together. Kind of. You know what’s wrong. You know the answer. I just like to summarize things in a what I hope to be a different but valuable way of perceiving your problem ^^.