• Rich

    It is nice to be noticed, especially with this competition/meeting. Unfortunately, sometimes Model UN reflects too much of the real world, where people who contribute the most are sidelined for those backing the biggest countries. I would tell you to not worry about it for this competition, but try to make yourself command the audience with gestures, eye contact, the whole 9 yards. Even that may not work, but at the end of the day, it’s a time for you to improve rather than you getting recognized.

  • munwoes

    omg I just went to a MUN competition yesterday and the same thing happened to me!! it sucks man. researched my butt off and was the only one serious in crisis committee. they gave out tons of awards, 5 awards just for commendation alone, and they didn’t even consider I gave these like statistical speeches, but the others just BS’d their way through the whole thing though. judges could’ve been fairer