• Leo Choi

    She should join a club!

  • Alex C.

    Okay I got you my dude! My name is Alex and I’m 17. I had the exact same problem when I was her age. And when it comes to this situation Its best to be as supporting as you possibly can! Do small but kind things for her. Like leave heartfelt notes in her backpack and tell her how much you love her and how proud of her you are! at that age she needs a lot of encouragement and support. Tell her she’ll end up far more successful than those backstabbing bitches. She doesn’t need those girls she has plenty of charm and kindness to get way better friends than them! Just remember that its at this age where girls’ self esteem gets low and they can go through periods of depression so make sure she always knows you care. I may not have had that kind of support when I went through this but by god I got through it.

    P.s. your daughter is a cool chick!

  • 17 yr old who gets it

    HI there. This is also a girl writing this. I’m a teenager too, 17, though I’m not sure how old your daughter is. This seems to happen a lot in high school, where the girl, or guy I suppose, feels like they aren’t being heard, and it can develop into anxieties for them. You should make her join a sport like soccer. The girls will naturally have to befriend her because it is a team sport, and if she has depression from the incident, then running will help. I had the same kind of thing happen to me where I was silently ignored when I joined a bunch of friends only I knew together, and it really sucks. Make sure to talk to her a lot too and make sure above all to LISTEN to her and not get mad if she whispers, because being ignored can make one feel like they aren’t important enough to be heard sometimes.