• Los

    Slow down, you are just at the beginning stages of your life. Try keeping a books for your eyes only. Keep track of what makes you depressed or anxious, what (triggers) makes you feel that way.
    WE will not know what that rocky mountain was, but you will. You have climbed it, and you are still here. Be strong and over come what ever is pulling you down. Dont be afraid to speak to an adult. We all went through hard times at one point, but there is always time to make your future better. Good luck!

  • DarkRaven

    Hey. I live in the east too…I think. Anyway, don’t worry, I know a lot of people (including me) that have been in your position, and I think if you find someone to talk to about it you’ll probably feel a lot better! But trust me, it won’t be easy to find that “someone”. Just make sure the like you for you and not how “cool” you are. (Just realized how cheesy this looks after reading it…eh whatever.) *post*