• LifeIsForTheWeakOnesXx

    In all honesty, you should definitely end things. For one, starting a relationship off with cheating is an awful idea. Two, she is a married fucking woman. Now I’m not putting all the blame on you, you were just a horny 19 year old, but come on. Everything about this situation is fucked up. And she should’ve known better than that. I think you should end it and move on. Because let’s say she wasn’t lying and she actually does love you, in every situation I’ve seen (which has been quite a few), they always cheat again. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. Plus, and I think this should be obvious, she’s got kids that are almost your fucking age! This whole thing is a disaster. I get that you made a shitty mistake, but that doesn’t mean keep doing it. I don’t care how hot she is, stick your dick in something that isn’t married! And Christ, don’t continue on with this. I wish you the best.