• wanderer

    there is no such thing as originality anymore. the most accessible way to have your work get noticed (art in my case) is also the most contradictory way: draw overused and ridiculously cliched poses, draw colorful kristina webb-esque hair and eyes and dainty disney princesses, draw whatever everyone else is drawing — the only way to reach the masses is to conform to them. this is why instagram is such a biased and tricky platform: it’s not really talent or hard work or originality anymore — it’s luck and appeasement.

    my best advice — and this is unsolicited advice — is to keep doing what you’re doing. stick to your own style, do what you feel is organic and raw and inspiring. perhaps explore your local community and see if there are any opportunities to spread your work.

    personally i’ve doubted my skills (and even loved ones have told me to stop doing what i like doing) and i’ve thought of following the crowd. but the crowd is a crowd after all, a herd. let those who aren’t unique yet haul the “be unique” mantra be whatever they want to be. your work will allow you to express yourself, vent or rage in whatever manner you feel most comfortable with.