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    Hey man. I feel you. I have a little sibling too that was not doing so well in their studies, but has recently gotten a lot better. I used to be so bad in all forms of things except English when I was little too. I think that a good way to inspire your sibling to do better, is to make yourself an example. Sibling rivalry can move mountains. So, even if you used to be great at your work, tell them you were horrible, then tell them you are great now. They will take it as an example. Make them organize their backpacks also. I know it is not like you can help them with homework, because they will never learn that way, but you can play mozart or some sort of music for studying when they are working. You can also go a little distance away and make sure they are working. With my brother, a big thing he lacked was organization. So make sure that she has at least one folder for worksheets, and a neat agenda. A NEAT AGENDA IS VITAL. The first thing one needs to do an assignment, is the actual assignment ya know? Also, ask her daily what assignments she has to do, because her issue could also be procrastination, so a little pressure from big bro never hurt, and it shows you care. Say it in a fun way though, and try to joke about it when you ask what she has to do, or it will only be added pressure. It should be more of a reminder than an order. If she doesn’t understand something, ask her what her assignment is (the equation or story, not what the teacher named it)look up videos about her topic on your own, then show her one that explains it later, when you have one. Don’t look them up when she is there and waste her time and patience. There is bound to be at least one video on her topic somewhere. I recommend Khan academy if the issue is Math related.

    I sincerely hoped that this helped. 🙂 -A