• Angela

    In a problem like this, specially if a bitch would even dare to steal something my grandfather gave me, I would say it’s time to beat some ass. If she gets aggressive, you get aggressive. Do you have any embarrasing secrets on her, something you can manipulate her with? Use that as your shield and trust me, don’t ever feel bad about it because she did the same to you. To her sister, break something of hers or beat her ass too. People get walked over because they allow it, don’t be that person. In regards to getting your stuff back, get a couple of friends to get them for you while you take care of her. A good tactic is to ambush her when she’s alone so you don’t get the typical swarm of people trying to film the fight I know it’s shitty advice but I’m impulsive and this is the only thing I could come up with. When she threatens you, threaten her right back. She said she was going to block you block her first. Don’t ever ever let her win. If you ever paid for some of her clothes, teddy bears, books, anything at all, either take it back, break it or burn it. I assure you she won’t mess with you.

    ps. I’m very sorry for your loss remember that you will always have your grandpa by your side wherever you are 🙂