• l3ox

    I completely agree. I’m a sophomore in high school, so there’s A LOT of people who would start drama out of nowhere. I get talked about and insulted behind my back, especially by the same people, such as: called me “too big” in gym class (playing basketball; I usually defended the ball from them passing the ball to their teammates), and when I was walking down the hallway, the SAME fucking girl did something behind my back, her friends laughed, and when I was playing water polo in swimming class, HER and her friends all ganged up on me to take the ball away from me even though it’s against the rules to take the ball when someone already had it in their hands) (the gym teacher saw what happened but did nothing cause he’s scatterbrained). It took them a while to do so (since apparently I’m stronger than like, 5 people pulling a ball against ONLY me, nobody helping me, just staring into space) then the same girl used my leg (with her crusty feet) to take the ball away from me (she pushed against my leg to swim away, how fucking rude is that??) I don’t know what I did wrong to her, though, I’m always respectful to everyone (not exaggerating) I confronted her once, then she just acted like nothing happened, so I just try to ignore it, but it hurts me every time. I always wanted to fight people like her, but I can’t bare to imagine myself getting into trouble for that… You can tell how a girl like that is like when you just see her first name- Shekinah