• -A

    I’m sorry that you feel so Depressed and anxious, so numb. The way you write reminded me of myself and I checked to see that it wasn’t written by me, just in case I wrote it and forgot. I feel like this a lot too. I don’t know you, but I can relate. I hope you can find happiness in the sky if nothing else. Because no matter how bad things get, that sky will always be there. Maybe it will be cloudy some days, or rain, or snow will fall. But I can always count on that sunny day. One day there will be a day so blindingly bright that it hurts your eyes, and you’ll look up and see and remember that this color of blue existed. And maybe you’ll laugh. Nature is beautiful and sometimes people forget that. Personally the sky makes me happy, but to each their own.
    I know the aching won’t disappear just like that, but hopefully you don’t try to dull it. Feel that pain, figure out why you feel it, don’t shy away from your problems, and don’t regret. Regret is the worst feeling. Worse than what you feel now, and worse than what you will feel. Try to be, not “Happy”, but not “Nothing”. I hate it when others say, “Be Happy!”, which only shows me that they have never felt this depth of sadness. Don’t just say, “Everything sucks”, because that just adds to it. It just adds another drop of water to the endless well of depression. Trust me. I know.
    That would have been funnier if I were a doctor. I could have said, “Trust me, I’m a doctor”. But alas, I am not. Just another teen with clinical depression and a lonely home life who is happy when they can make another happy.

    Hoped this helped you see that at least one random stranger cared enough to write something weird for you. 🙂 Have a nice day, and a better day after that.-A