• Sierra

    Its fine that your rant is just everywhere. I know its hard when you don’t want to lose your friend and then you constantly apologize for everything. I know when you apologize its hard because sometimes it feels like you shouldn’t be apologizing but you do it for your friend. (this probably isn’t making any sense, but I am trying to explain it for you as good as I can. I just hope you understand this) I have been through the same thing as you. As where your with a friend and then you say something and they get mad about it so then you apologize that you said it. And even when you didn’t really want to apologize for what you said, or you think that its something that you shouldn’t apologize for. I know it gets hard for when your friend changes. Ive also have been through that. When she got mad at you for making jokes. Its hard because then you don’t know when to make jokes or if you should say them at that time. I know when you drift away from your best friend. I bet she still cares about you. Everyones best friends come and go but the true ones will stay with you no matter what. I don’t know if you don’t talk to her anymore. But I garenty that she misses you. If not its her lost that she isn’t your friend anymore. Trust me I have been there multiples time. It fine to rant. I get you. Just by reading this I feel like I know you all the way even though you really didn’t tell me anything about you. I hope that this doesn’t sound weird. But life will get better. I belive that you and michelle will become friends again.