• ChazMtaz

    If your mom paid for a therapist, why does she continue this behaviour? She should know it’s illegal, your therapist should know when to call the cops. I’m not saying your lying (don’t worry), no-one could possible lie about something as horrible as this. Call the cops yourself if you must.

  • Mizuki Ukitake

    It’s possible your mother was also abused as a child. Unfortunately, the abused often become abusers themselves, and this is true for all types of abuse. Maybe she doesn’t realize it’s wrong, especially if this is how she was raised, or maybe she does and can’t help herself. It could be she doesn’t know any other way. Sometimes bad things, including hurting others, are addicting, and hard to stop doing once you start because of the release of emotions that comes with it. She could also be mentally ill and need professional help.