• Venus

    Firstly, its not your fault. Your dog had a good long happy life and knew you loved him. I know you miss Riley but it was kinder to let him fall asleep and not wake up than to have him suffer and be in pain. I had a dog i loved sooo much, i had him 12 years, he hurt his back and couldnt walk anymore and like your dog the operation was pointless to try and save his back legs, he was old and wouldnt have coped with the operation. so i sat with him and said goodbye, as he was put to sleep. He was a good, happy, faithful dog, i loved like no other dog i had ever had. It took s long time to get over losing him, but it helped to imagine him in heaven with people i have loved and lost. I hope that maybe that thought could help you too.
    I got a new puppy 2 years later. He is now my world, he lights up my life and i treat him like my baby. My other dog is gone but not forgotten.
    Once in your heart, never apart.
    Feel better *hug*